We recommend you read these Q & A's as most questions are answered below.

Question: What is BODacious?
Its a PRIVATE Gentleman's magazine featuring plus size women.

BODacious Magazine is truly the first magazine of it's kind showcasing  larger women in a "Playboyish" way. We offer exceptional photography, interesting articles and plus sized artwork.

Can I see a FREE Issue?
http://www.bodaciousonline.com/BODACIOUS_10/index.html  (Issue 10)

How old must I be to model?

You must be over 18.

Are they any weight, height and age limits?
We have no actual weight limit, however you must be clearly plus sized. We have no height or age limits.

Do you pay your models?
We do not discuss pay until you have been chosen. We offer the standard rate of pay for photo layouts in our niche market.  Payment shall be disbursed after your shoot is completed.

Are tattoos, stretch marks, and scars a problem?
No.  No one has perfect skin.

Do I have to be based in California to model for BODacious?
No, if you are chosen to model, we fly you to Hollywood, CA and we supply you with accommodations, meals before and after shoot (day of) and transportation to and from our shoot location.  *Any sight seeing and meals outside of time spent with BODacious is on you.  We lodge you in a central location, walking distance from the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame and other Celebrity-centric activities.

Is there travel involved if you are a model?
Other than your travel to Hollywood, CA for the initial shoot... there may be opportunities to travel for Television interviews and documentaries, other photo/video shoots and BODacious events.  Since BODacious events are optional for models to attend, the travel paid for is arranged by you.  Any television, movie, website, or documentary shoots will be paid for by BODacious or the company providing the opportunity.

Are your models just from the USA?
No, we take models from all over, for example, BODacious model Thik Chic from our 4th issue (anniversary issue) was from Canada, and we have currently shot several ladies from other countries who will be published in upcoming issues.

Do I need professional photos taken to apply to be a model?
No!! We want regular everyday photos, nothing professional. That way you don't have to spend money on your photos you send to us. We want to see you as NATURAL as possible, don't hide your body.

Have I got what it takes to be a BODacious model?
People often ask us this question. You need to ask yourself are you comfortable in your own skin to represent larger women and yourself in a sexy, confident and positive light? Do you feel comfortable having semi-nude pictures taken? Take a look at any of our issues and ask yourself again, "Do I have what it takes"? If the answer is yes, then contact us.

How do I go about modeling for this magazine?
By following the instructions HERE, or on our Models Wanted section of our website.

When I apply, do I have to send in nude pictures?
No, they don't have to be nude, but at least in panties and/or thong. Your images are absolutely safe with us.

IS the magazine the only model opportunity with BODacious Inc.?
No, we produce several niche fetish sites and other print publications that you may be considered for.

Do I have to be completely nude for the magazine?
No, although we DO NOT show "pink" or "spread shots" in the magazine, you may be require to be nude at some point in time during your shoot. If you are not comfortable with this DO NOT APPLY.

Do you have auditions or open casting calls?

Do I have to spend any money to be in BODacious?
No, nothing whatsoever. We do not ask, nor charge you any money for anything.

How are your models chosen?
That is from a combination of confidence from the video / photos sent in to general demeanor, decorum and representation of being a full figured woman. This is achieved by looking at your pictures, communication via email and phone conversations with you. It's not just about having a pretty face and body.

How long do I have to wait before I get a response from my submission?
It varies on when the publisher sits down and goes thru submissions that his assistant has compiled and sent to him. It may take as short as 24 hours to as long as a month. Also, if applicants to not follow the guidelines of application provided on the models wanted page, the submission will be deleted and no response will be received.

Is this a full time job?
This is not a FULL TIME job, it's a one time opportunity unless you are invited to come out and shoot again. This will not interfere with your regular life. We work on scheduling a shoot time that is favorable for you and us.

How much time is required if I become a model?
Not much, unless we have an event where models are recommended to attend.  Although we love all models to come to our events, we know, that unless we are paying, it is not always possible.  We also encourage models to promote the issue that they are in to their online fans and community during the time span that their issue is current.  We also love to have our models promote any events we host as well.  Promoting BODacious can take as little time as 5 minutes per day!

Can I bring  my significant other?
They can come with you at your own expense, but will not be allowed on set, unless stated otherwise with approval by the Publisher. Most of the time, more than one prospective model is at a shoot, so in respect of their comfort and privacy, we do not allow friends, boyfriends, significant others, family, etc to be on set.

What is a photo shoot like?
It's FUN!  We provide wardrobe, professional hair and make-up artists, professional photographers and immaculate sets.   We like to create an exciting, comfortable, safe and professional environment.

Who is on set of a shoot?
For a typical shoot we have a makeup artist (female) and hair stylist (female or male), our photographer (male), the Publisher, the Editor and sometimes a former BODacious model for support.

How can I contact the publisher and does he answer his email?
You may contact him HERE . He usually answers in record time and it is REALLY him.

How do I become a writer for the magazine?
By sending any emails, inquiries or correspondences to our Editor: here

How can I contact any of the models?
We do not give out any contact information on our models. But you may write them through the magazine. 

When do you have your BODacious events?
We announce all our planned events on the BODacious Magazine website.

How do I get a BODacious T-shirt or Hat?
Go to http://www.cafepress.com/bodaciousgear

How often do you publish BODacious?
The magazine is currently on hold until further notice, however we return to print in 2014.

How do I get a copy of BODacious?
At your local adult store nationwide and in Canada, if they don't carry it ASK THEM TO. If you are unfortunate not to get it in your area please purchase securely on our website HERE.

How are the magazine mailed out?
The are mailed out in plain brown manila envelopes for privacy.

How long do I have to wait to get my magazine if I order online?
3 to 7 business days.

Are back issue still available?
Yes, but only online HERE.

How do I get a subscription?
Subscriptions are on hold until the magazine continues publication.

With subscriptions when do I start receiving the magazines?
From the NEXT issue after we receive your subscription form.

Do you have an online version?
Yes we do at http://www.bodaciousonline.com/

How do I get involved  with BODacious?
Well first, send an email to HERE and let us know what you can do for us and what we can do for you,  we will go from there.

If your question is not answered above please email US HERE